Gloria Chacon

A lawyer fighting on behalf of immigrants fleeing violence and facing deportation.

For the tens of thousands of immigrants who came to this country seeking a better life, but are at risk of deportation and without a lawyer, Gloria Chacon is there to help. She is an immigration attorney fighting to keep families together and young children away from the violent countries they escaped.

In these cases, a good attorney makes all the difference. Gloria knows, because like her clients, she is an immigrant. Born in Honduras, Gloria was raised by her single mother, a pioneering civil engineer who became the head of a government agency.

Life was good until Gloria’s mother’s political party lost power and their family became a target. Her uncle was killed, and her mother narrowly survived an assassination attempt. They fled Honduras seeking the safety of the United States, but found only legal trouble. A bad immigration attorney meant their papers were in limbo for years and thousands of hard-earned dollars were taken. Her mother was forced to work as a housekeeper so Gloria and her sister could focus on school.

She graduated high school with honors, was at the top of her class at Rutgers, and was a star student at New York Law School. Rather than joining a corporate law firm, Gloria joined the Immigrant Justice Corps to give young children and families a chance to achieve the American Dream as she did.

Seeded and incubated by Robin Hood in partnership with Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Immigrant Justice Corps recruits talented lawyers and college graduates to provide immigrants with free legal representation. Since its creation in 2014, I.J.C. fellows have helped 10,000 immigrants, including children fleeing violence in Central America, immigrant women escaping domestic abuse, and working families applying to become United States citizens.