Rosa Carty

Rosa Carty survived a difficult childhood and an often violent community growing up in the Bronx. She persevered and fulfilled her childhood dream to join the military and was deployed overseas during the post-9/11 conflicts of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2010, she was severely injured by a truck while walking to work. As a result of her injuries, Rosa lost her job and nearly ended up in a homeless shelter with her daughter. Her path turned when she connected with the LIFT/Single Stop in the South Bronx. She now works as the Veterans Coordinator for LIFT/Single Stop, helping her brothers and sisters from the military rebuild and reclaim their lives.
Single Stop / LIFT
New Yorkers in need face challenges ranging from debt to legal problems to family stress. Addressing these issues one at a time, at different offices in far-flung locations around the city creates a byzantine process, forcing many to simply give up. In 2003, Robin Hood began funding an innovative approach called Single Stop, which co-locates public benefits screening with legal, financial and social services. Today in New York City, Single Stop operates in 90 sites in the poorest neighborhoods, on every community-college campus in the city, and even on Rikers Island. Single Stop USA was launched in 2007 to roll out this approach nationally, now operating in eight states. When Robin Hood began to focus on the needs of post-9/11 veterans, Single Stop locations were the natural partners ready to provide this help.
LIFT trains college students to work with poor residents of communities to set goals and access the help they need to survive and thrive. The LIFT/Single Stop located in the South Bronx is one of Robin Hood’s key
partners in providing outreach and assistance to veterans in need.