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In 2018, we allocated nearly $119 million for 392 grants and engagements with our community partners.

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Robin Hood fights poverty in New York City. We find, fund, and create the most effective programs across the city — schools, food pantries, homeless shelters, job training centers, health facilities, legal clinics, and more — to provide low-income New Yorkers with the tools they need to build better lives.

In 2018, on average, students from Robin Hood-funded schools have closed the achievement gap in math and made enormous strides in literacy.


In 2018, college retention rates for students in programs we support reached 70% — 20 points higher than the rate of their peers.


In 2018, our partners provided more than 10 million meals to over 200,000 individuals.


In 2018, Robin Hood helped 8,000 New Yorkers get jobs — 25 percent of them now earn over $35,000 annually.

Job training

In 2018, we funded programs that served over 10,000 diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.


In 2018, Robin Hood housed 9,000 individuals.


Our community partners helped 25,000 households newly enroll in food stamps benefits.

Income security

Robin Hood has incubated programs that transform the lives of tens of thousands of immigrants, including the Immigrant Justice Corps which has scaled to nine states and served more than 50,000 clients.


In 2018, 2.2 million people were served by one of our Blue Ridge Labs portfolio organizations.

Blue Ridge Labs

In 2018, Robin Hood delivered over $2.4 million in pro bono services to our community partners and helped place 18 professionals on their boards and junior boards.

Management assistance and capital


When Robin Hood identifies critical gaps in service and unmet needs, we launch special initiatives that create solutions and augment our core grant making portfolio.

The Power of You

Because of you, Robin Hood’s impact grows each year by reaching the lives of millions of New Yorkers. We move in partnership in all that we do; engage strategically in public policy; contribute to the public discourse about poverty; and provide a path to upward mobility through effective and innovative programs executed by our over 200 community partners across New York City.

Robin Hood Heroes

Low-income New Yorkers battle poverty on multiple fronts. To break the cycle of poverty, we must fight back on each and every front. Robin Hood works with our community partners to help build a safety net for New Yorkers in need so that any service, from legal aid to medical assistance, is just one phone call away.

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