The Early Childhood Poverty Tracker — a collaboration between Robin Hood and Columbia University

Building off the work of the Poverty Tracker, the Early Childhood Poverty Tracker (ECPT) is a multi-year study of poverty and disadvantage that checks in quarter after quarter with the same 1,500 New York City households with young children ages zero to three.

By providing in-depth information about experiences and circumstances during the critical early years of life, the Early Childhood Poverty Tracker will help us better understand how poverty and economic insecurity affect learning, health and development over time.

about the poverty tracker

Launched in 2012 and conducted in partnership with Columbia University, Poverty Tracker is a groundbreaking study of disadvantage in New York City. Unlike typical surveys of poverty that take an annual snapshot, Poverty Tracker checks in with the same 4,000 households quarter after quarter for several years. This approach provides a dynamic view of poverty over time.

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