In small towns across America, when someone is in trouble their neighbors come to their aid. If a neighbor lost a job, you would bring over dinner, and your children would learn that we all have a responsibility to help. But what can you do in a city where 1.8 million of your neighbors suffer from hunger and homelessness, hidden from view? What tools can caring parents use to help our children learn of their neighbors needs and how best to help? Robin Hood has created programs to do just that.



Our program where younger children begin to learn about philanthropy by opening lemonade stands. It is a wonderful introduction to the importance of caring for our neighbors. Town-wide Lemonaid events happened in Scarsdale, NY, Greenwhich, CT, Westport and Weston, CT as well as the Hamptons. Last year, our littlest heroes raised $100,000 through Lemonaid to fight poverty.  Learn more.


An eye-opening, horizon-widening, sobering yet inspiring introduction to the state of poverty in New York City. Designed for teens ages 14-18, Camp Robin Hood provides a thorough introduction to understanding poverty-fighting in general and Robin Hood in particular. It is a truly transformational experience.


Camp Robin Hood 2.0. The Robin Hood Fellows program offers graduates of Camp Robin Hood the chance to gain a more in-depth understanding of Robin Hood’s innovative approach to helping New Yorkers in need.


Designed to give students an introduction to poverty fighting in action. Dozens of high school students from the tri-state area meet monthly to learn about poverty in New York City and Robin Hood’s grant making process.


A way for teens who are interested in Robin Hood’s mission to get their high schools' involved. Students form clubs to learn about poverty issues and raise awareness. Robin Hood Clubs have been started at Trinity, Fieldston, Dalton, Riverdale Country School and Scarsdale High School.

You can also give to Robin Hood throughout the year. Think of us during your family’s special occasions (weddings, bar/ bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays and other important milestones), and consider requesting donations in lieu of gifts, or donating to Robin Hood in lieu of party favors.

To learn how to get your family more involved, contact Marianne Macrae at or (212) 227-6601.