New York, NY – Robin Hood, New York City’s largest private poverty fighting organization, announced that it has received a $1,000,000 grant from to help further Robin Hood’s mission of fighting poverty in New York City. The money will be used in three ways: (1) to help close the achievement gap in math in dozens of schools in some of New York’s poorest neighborhoods; (2) to help fund and equip state-of-the-art science labs at schools in the Bronx and Harlem; and, (3) to provide funding for a breakthrough, long-term poverty study, which will enable Robin Hood and other organizations to better understand the needs and effectiveness of poverty-fighting measures.

“We are thrilled to work with on issues that are critically important to hundreds of thousands of New York families,” said David Saltzman, executive director of Robin Hood. “Through its commitment to serving the public good, Google is going to make a real difference in improving the lives of countless families, and we are deeply appreciative of their support.”

Part of the grant will go toward schools that are making great strides in helping to close the achievement gap in mathematics between well-off students and their disadvantaged peers. These schools are located throughout New York City and teach close to 14,000 students. In addition, portions of the grant will help construct science labs at both KIPP NYC College Prep High School in the Bronx and Dream Charter School in East Harlem.

In addition, is contributing generously to a Poverty Index Study that Robin Hood is conducting in partnership with Columbia University. The project will create a poverty measure that more accurately tracks the needs of poor families and individuals beyond income, to include hunger, homelessness, and other material deprivations. It will also create a fixed database of 1,500 families who will be regularly surveyed to determine their long-term progress. The survey results will help Robin Hood to more accurately assess and address the needs of poor New Yorkers and will allow Robin Hood as well as other local and national organizations to improve programs designed to lift people out of poverty.

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