“As Robin Hood and the City of New York respond to record homelessness — a nightly N.Y.C. homelessness rate of 60,000 people, including 25,000 children — Robin Hood is more focused than ever on helping our neighbors avoid eviction and homelessness, and if homeless, find affordable permanent housing quickly.”
— Eric Weingartner, Managing Director, Survival Robin Hood


Homelessness in New York City is at a record high, increasing 50 percent in the last three years. More than 60,000 people sleep in city shelters every night, including more than 25,000 children. And the numbers keep growing: 45,000 households face eviction each year. Additionally, many people who are homeless are unable to work for a variety of factors, including inability to find childcare, physical and mental disabilities other barriers to finding employment.


Robin Hood funds programs that provide the tools needed to advance self-sufficiency and financial independence. We strive to help people move into stable, affordable housing on a permanent basis. We concentrate our investments on programs that fight eviction, provide emergency shelter and mental/physical health services, as well as permanent and affordable housing.


In 2014, more than 30 Robin Hood-funded programs helped nearly 15,000 vulnerable New Yorkers avoid eviction, find emergency shelter or move into permanent housing. In addition, we helped more than 400 families move into permanent housing as a result of the Home to Stay program — which moves families out of shelters and into permanent housing.

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