Management Assistance

In 2019, Robin Hood awarded $633,426 in Management Assistance grants. $279K was dispersed in contracted services, $3,177,528 in pro bono contributions, and 103 community partners were helped.

Capacity Building

Beyond grantmaking, Robin Hood works closely with our community partners to ensure they succeed by offering our expertise in capacity-building. We know that board member recruitment, financial management, fundraising, real estate, strategic planning, and leadership development are necessary tools to grow and maintain a vital organization.

The Evidence

Collective Purchasing was established in 2018 to facilitate collaboration between food pantries to purchase groceries. In 2019, we launched the first pilot which resulted in higher-quality groceries for less money, allowing pantries to operate better and more efficiently.


Leaderlink is another trusted program that continues to recruit top financial management talent from the private sector to the public sector in an effort to invite diverse and impactful leadership perspectives to the nonprofit landscape. We also continue to offer Leadership Training to our community partners’ Executive Directors and Development Directors.

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