Keep Dreaming Big: Robin Hood's Founder, Paul Tudor Jones Reflects on 25 Years of Poverty Fighting

As we begin our year long 25th birthday celebration, we thought it appropriate to sit down and talk with the man who started it all, Robin Hood’s founder, Paul Tudor Jones. Paul’s commitment to Robin Hood and to the city of New York has been unwavering for the past 25 years. He continues to remain engaged and is constantly pushing the staff and fellow board members to think big. We are so grateful to have him on our team.

You’ve been a part of Robin Hood since the very beginning. Over the past 25 years, what has been your proudest Robin Hood moment?

The 9/11 Relief  Effort  was the most courageous, innovative, heartfelt, and all-encompassing movement Robin Hood has been a part of.  Maybe it was the perceived external threat, the scale of human suffering,  the uniting of millions of people to face down  fear, or the compassion and outpouring of love for those directly involved. Irrespective it was a community effort that lifted everyone involved to a new level of dedication to our fellow man.

Major milestones, are cause for reflection. Is there anything you think we as an organization could have done differently or better?

We should have gotten in the public education arena much earlier. We thought it was too big to tackle at scale  for our first decade and shame on us for not thinking bigger. It is one of our highest priorities now and the tide is beginning to turn on getting EVERY child the education they deserve.

Robin Hood has been fortunate to partner with incredible artists over the years. Who has been your favorite concert performer?

The WHO’s performance at the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief. But I was having so much fun I can't remember all of it.

As the founder of Robin Hood, many view you as an inspirational role model for their own philanthropic endeavors. Is there someone who has an impact on the way you think about philanthropy?

Ted Turner---Captain Courageous he is!  And he  always speaks the truth, with an accent I can understand, that  others dance often around.

What book are you currently reading?

The Coming Generational Storm by Kotlikoff and Burns

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