“Management Assistance enhances Robin Hood's investments. It makes every donated dollar into much more than that. More importantly, it assures that every organization is effective.”



When Robin Hood decides to fund an organization, we know it’s one of the best in the city. But it often needs more than just funding. Besides providing extraordinary services to people in poverty, the leaders of these nonprofits must manage complex organizations. They need a committed board, a transparent accounting system, a motivated staff. They have to manage logistics, overhead and office arrangements. Occasionally, they need a good lawyer.

That's where Robin Hood's Management Assistance team steps up to the plate. Our job is to augment and protect donors' investments in these life-saving organizations. How? Sometimes, our internal consulting staff lends expertise directly to a nonprofit; other times, we recruit the best-in-class providers of professional services for our grant recipients. Like helping a new agency recruit and hire the staff to expand services. Or getting an accountant to streamline an organization’s financial reporting system. Or getting a consulting firm to design an effective website to take the message to new donors. Each year, our staff and corporate partners provide professional services to Robin Hood grant recipients worth more than $5 million.

Robin Hood listens to what our nonprofit partners need, evaluates their experiences and responds to new issues. In 2000, they asked for our help in finding a solution to what we call the “organizational digital divide.” The lack of access to computer resources applies not only to poor individuals, but also to nonprofit organizations that serve those in poverty. To meet this need, we helped start and fund NPower NY, a nonprofit dedicated to providing technology assistance and consulting services to New York’s nonprofits (including our grant recipients). In 2001 (their first year of operations), NPower NY helped nonprofits obtain over $250,000 worth of new hardware to replace what was lost in the attacks of September 11th.

And in 2003, when it became clear that inadequate facilities are one of the biggest barriers to our groups operating at their full potential, we created our Capital Initiative. We hired an in-house real estate expert to consult with our groups, help manage projects, and bring in the right professionals for the job. With the help of the initiative, our groups have negotiated better leases, transformed their current spaces or moved to bigger ones, and broken ground on new buildings. These capital improvements equate to more people served and a higher return on our funding investment.

services Management Assistance provides:

Governance – board recruitment and development

Strategy – business planning, operational improvement, mergers

Human Capital – finding, developing and keeping talent

Marketing – branding, naming, materials development, public speaking 

Fundraising – major donors, events, corporate and foundation relations, capital campaigns

Finance – budgeting, accounting, capital structure, financing

Legal – corporate, employment, risk mitigation

Technology – infrastructure, data management and digital media

Real Estate – planning, assessment, feasibility and financing

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