Funding FAQ

What are Robin Hood's grant proposal deadlines?

There are no deadlines for submitting a grant proposal to Robin Hood. Robin Hood accepts proposals year-round, and the board meets quarterly to make funding decisions. However, the large number of proposals we receive, and our extensive due diligence process, make it impossible for us to guarantee that your proposal will be considered at the next scheduled board meeting. Funding decisions may take up to a year.

How much funding should I request?

First-time grants usually run between $100,000 and $200,000.

Can my organization receive funding if it is located outside of New York City?

Maybe; if it serves people from New York City. Please call the Grants Manager if you have questions.

Can my organization receive funding if it is a national organization with an affiliate office in New York City?

Yes. Organizations providing direct services to poor New Yorkers, and that fit within Robin Hood’s portfolio areas, can request funding for their programs in New York City, even if affiliated with any national organization.

Will Robin Hood fund a program that is not yet off the ground?

Robin Hood generally invests in programs with proven models. However, Robin Hood also seeks and considers proposed programs that warrant start-up funding by targeting specific, poverty-related needs that are otherwise going unmet in New York City. If your program fits this profile, please contact the Program staff to discuss your proposal in detail.

Can I request general operating support for my organization from Robin Hood?

Robin Hood usually provides general operating support only to organizations that have established relationships with the foundation. Proposals for first grants should be targeted to specific programs, projects, or essential staff salaries.

Will Robin Hood fund my organization’s capital project?

Robin Hood funds only capital projects of organizations we support on an ongoing basis.

Will Robin Hood fund my organization’s conference, trip, lawsuit, protest, advocacy work, staff training, fundraising event, strategic alliance, or the production of our annual report?

No. Robin Hood funds poverty-fighting programs that provide long-term, comprehensive, and intensive services that produce measurable results.

Can I request funding from Robin Hood for my personal needs?

No. Robin Hood does not support individuals.

Can I send a video?

Please do not send a video along with your grant proposal.

Can I come see you?

Robin Hood strongly discourages grant seekers from dropping by Robin Hood’s offices. A staff member will call you to set up site visits as necessary, once a completed application has been received and reviewed.

When will I find out whether my proposal has been approved?

Because of Robin Hood’s strenuous due diligence process, it can take up to one year to make funding decisions. During this time, Program staff may do extensive research, make multiple site visits, and have in-depth discussions with other funders about your organization.

When may I reapply for a grant from Robin Hood after my organization’s proposal has been rejected?

You may reapply for a grant one year after your organization’s proposal was rejected. You should emphasize, where appropriate, what program modifications have been implemented and highlight specific positive outcomes that the program achieved since last applying.

Does Robin Hood offer loans to organizations?

No. Robin Hood makes only grants.

What do you look for when determining whether or not to fund a project?

For established programs, we look for demonstrated success at helping people build better lives for themselves and their families. For start-up programs, we look for a plan built on research into what works or bold new ideas.

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