It's time to be robin hood

New York City is at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. New Yorkers living in poverty will continue to be hit hardest. Before the pandemic, nearly half of New Yorkers had less than $400 in savings. Now, many have lost their jobs.

The Robin Hood Relief Fund is helping New Yorkers by supporting the nonprofit organizations on the frontlines. 100 percent of donations will provide emergency support through food, housing, job security and more.

Hear from our heroes on the frontlines

Association to Benefit Children ABC

“Children need formula, children need Pampers, children need fun, families need reassurance. So we are stepping up our efforts and have developed an early childhood crisis team that can respond within two hours.”

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Center For Employment Opportunities

“There are folks coming home from incarceration every single day. If they cant access services that CEO can provide them, recidivism will increase across the city."

Children's aid society

“Our families and children were already feeling vulnerable prior to COVID-19. We’re going to see housing insecurity, mental health issues and abuse. I need to make sure my staff can be there for our clients.”


The Robin Hood Relief Fund is open to all frontline 501(c)(3) organizations responding to COVID-19 in New York City.

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