New York, NY, March 6, 2017 — Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization, today announced the appointment of five new board members. The new additions will broaden Robin Hood’s geographic reach and diversity and will deepen the board’s expertise in key areas.


Kaya Henderson
Former chancellor of DC Public Schools

John King Jr.
Former secretary of education under President Obama and current leader of Education Trust

Joel S. Marcus
Chairman, chief executive officer and founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE) and Alexandria Venture Investments

David Saltzman
Robin Hood’s co-founder and former executive director

Marta Tienda
Maurice P. During ’22 professor of demographic studies, professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University and former director of the Office of Population Research

“We’re thrilled that we’ve successfully recruited such an outstanding cross-section of poverty-fighters, education advocates, academics and caring leaders. These five trailblazers will help us continue Robin Hood’s life-saving and life-changing work alleviating poverty and providing pathways to independence for our neighbors in New York and beyond,” said Larry Robbins, the newly elected chair of Robin Hood’s board and chief executive officer of Glenview Capital Management. “Our collaboration with these national leaders reinforces our objective of using our long-term investment in fighting poverty in New York City to create a national conversation and export successful interventions and programs to those in need throughout the United States.”


Robin Hood also announced that Michael Weinstein, the organization’s chief program officer of 14 years, will be leaving the organization in March to become the executive director of Impact Matters, a global impact assessment charity. In his new role, Michael will help charities around the world implement the rigorous metrics he created at Robin Hood.

“While we will miss Michael as our respected colleague, we’re extremely proud that his creation and leadership of Impact Matters is yet another example of the commitment of our team to elevate the efficacy of poverty-fighting organizations on a national and global scale. Robin Hood and our neighbors in New York City will forever benefit from his innovations and insights,” said Robbins.

Emary Aronson, a critical member of Robin Hood for nearly two decades, will serve as acting chief program officer. Alongside Weinstein, Aronson has been the driving force behind Robin Hood’s grant making process. In addition to overseeing the organization’s education program, she has led both the 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds.

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