Reimagining the Poverty Fight | February 4, 2019 | #NoCityLimits

About the conference

For the third consecutive year, Robin Hood – in conjunction with the Russell Sage Foundation – presented No City Limits: Reimagining the Poverty Fight, a day of action-oriented conversations around new strategies for advancing the fight against poverty. Presenters and attendees included leaders in philanthropy, nonprofits, government, academia, and media from across the country, as well as people experiencing the challenge we aim to tackle: how to support families in moving sustainably out of poverty.

The theme of this year’s conference was Mobility from Poverty: Moving from Ideas to Action. Through a series of presentations, panels, fire side chats, and audience engagements, speakers and participants explored obstacles to and opportunities for creating sustainable pathways out of poverty.


Watch presentations from No City Limits 2019

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Welcome to No City Limits 2019

Sheldon Danziger, President of the Russell Sage Foundation, and Wes Moore, CEO of Robin Hood, welcome speakers and attendees to No City Limits: Reimagining the Poverty Fight 2019

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Introduction: The Mobility Imperative

Marta Tienda of Princeton University's Department of Sociology and Woodrow Wilson School discusses the need for creating sustainable pathways out of poverty.

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Increasing Mobility from Poverty: New Insights From Big Data

Raj Chetty of Harvard and Opportunity Insights gives a presentation of the national data and research that provide the imperative for tackling the challenge of sustainably moving families out of poverty.

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Mobility Learning and Action Bets (Mobility LABs)

Nisha Patel and Wes Moore of Robin Hood; Rachel Garbow Monroe of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation; and Daniel Lurie of Tipping Point Community announce the launch of Mobility Learning and Action Bets (Mobility LABs).

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The State of Poverty and Mobility in NYC

Sarah Oltmans of Robin Hood is joined by Geoff Canada of the Harlem Children's Zone and Jane Waldfogel of the Columbia University School of Social Work for a discussion on the state of poverty and mobility from poverty in New York City.

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Learning from the Experts: Engaging Community in Mobility Solutions

Robin Hood Board Member Kaya Henderson of Teach for All is joined by Carolyn English and Alonzo Jones, members of the Blue Ridge Labs Design Insights Group, for a conversation on how to engage the community in identifying and executing solutions.

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Addressing Mobility in Different Geographies: Mobility Then and Now

Robin Hood Board Member Katie Couric sits down with Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore and New York Times columnist Nick Kristof for a conversation about mobility from poverty across geographies and time.

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Introduction: The Intersection of Policy and Practice

John King of The Education Trust provides an introduction to the link between policy and practice in the fight against poverty.

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Lessons from the Field: The Impact of Policy on Community and Mobility

Moderator John King of The Education Trust sits down with Judith Browne Dianis of The Advancement Project; Katherine O'Regan of New York University's Wagner and Furman Centers; and Mayor Michael D. Tubbs of Stockton, CA, for an exploration of how policy presents both springboards and hurdles for families to move sustainably out of poverty.

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Introduction: Shifting the Narrative

Robin Hood Board Member Steve Stoute of Translation and UnitedMasters discusses how narrative change is essential in the fight against poverty.

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Telling a New Story: Laying the Groundwork for Narrative Change

Moderator Van Jones of CNN is joined by Heather McGhee of Demos; Soledad O’Brien of Starfish Media Group; filmmaker John Ridley; and Rashad Robinson of Color of Change for an exploration of the role we all play in shifting the discourse to support efforts to increase mobility from poverty.

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Our Collective Future

Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore is joined by Jim Shelton of Amandla Enterprises for a fireside chat on the future of the fight against poverty.


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