Together, we transcended city limits


On February 13, in partnership with the Russell Sage Foundation, Robin Hood hosted our No City Limits conference, where we reimagined the poverty fight. We brought together experts of all types — direct-service workers, academics, policy makers, philanthropists, and people in poverty — to focus on how family structure pervades and influences poverty in America.

You can’t talk about poverty in America without talking about family structure. There are over 10 million single parent families in America, and more than 80 percent of them are headed by single mothers. Single parent families are five times more likely to be in poverty than two-parent households.

Whether it was Maria Cancian sharing insights and research on the policies of child support; members of our Design Insight Group through Blue Ridge Labs sharing their personal struggles as single parents; or Darren Walker from the Ford Foundation joining our CEO Wes Moore in conversation to close out the day — we grappled with challenging questions and critical answers.

Watch Wes’ conversation with Darren on our Facebook page.

Robin Hood will be aggressive in how we fight poverty in New York, and how our work resonates beyond New York. We must move in partnership in everything we do, because poverty knows no city limits.

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