Robin Hood is excited to share that we have submitted some truly inspiring panel ideas to SXSW EDU 2024!

Robin Hood’s program officers and community partners have crafted these thought-provoking proposals, focusing on innovative solutions for educational equity, bridging the digital divide, and fighting poverty in New York City. Now, they need YOUR help to make a real impact!

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Remember, the community voting period runs from August 8-20, 2023.

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SXSW EDU — March 4-7, 2024

Advancing Access and Quality through Home-Based Child Care

In NYC, and nationwide, families with young children need help. They are scrambling to find affordable child care that meets their diverse needs, ranging from overnight shifts to culturally-aligned care. This panel highlights an innovative public/private partnership of the NYC Mayor’s Office, Robin Hood, and All Our Kin, as they prioritize responsive care. In particular, we will focus on how home-based daycare is uniquely attuned to today’s families: providing child care that’s on their block, is in an intimate setting, speaks their language, and supports nonstandard work schedules.

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Computational Thinking to Support K-12 Learners

While computational thinking (CT) has been framed as a way to introduce students to computing, it has been shown to play a larger role in shifting teacher practices to engage students in explicitly thinking about their thinking and strategies (metacognition). In this session, we will explore how CT can serve the dual purpose of introducing computational tools and practices as well as support students’ problem solving strategies. Participants will also understand the opportunities and challenges of integrating computational thinking into a general education classroom.

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Early Education Equity & The Family Child Care Workforce

While public attention on pre-K in schools and centers has grown, the vast majority of low income families still rely on providers working in a home-based setting. Family child care providers (FCCs) often fill gaps in nontraditional hours, proximity and cultural and linguistic relevance – and attention on the FCC ecosystem is critical to an equitable agenda for early care and education access. Drawing on work to support vulnerable families in New York City, this panel will share new research insights on the FCC workforce and programs and public policy that can lift up this vital sector.

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Early Learning In Unlikely Spaces: Shelters, Jails, and More

In their critical first years, every second of a child’s life is spent learning from their environment. For the millions of children affected by homelessness, incarceration and other hardships associated with poverty, that means an experience shaped by institutions that are often punitive and rarely consider their needs. If we’re serious about equity, we must take on these spaces’ role in early learning. Hear how creative programs are centering children in spaces routinely barren of resources and why philanthropy should be committed to creating positive environments for child development.

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Equity in Education: Scaling Proven Programs

State University of New York Chancellor John B. King, Jr. leads a panel on closing the stark achievement gap in graduation rates for black and brown students. Replicating two evidence-based programs pioneered at the City University of New York is vital: Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) and Accelerate, Complete, and Engage (ACE). How can we ensure students everywhere have access to the transformative power of ASAP and ACE? Panelists will explore challenges and opportunities to scaling nationally, including partnerships with government, educational institutions, and philanthropy.

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It Takes a Village: Building Modern Apprenticeships

In January 2023, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City pledged to connect 30,000 New Yorkers to apprenticeships by 2030. Learn about modern apprenticeships and its promise to deliver on building diverse and equitable economies. Join us to learn how New York City will meet this ambitious goal. Panelists will discuss innovative strategies, best practices, and challenges involved in expanding apprenticeship programs. Discover how collaborations with educational institutions, industry leaders, government and philanthropy can work together to create scalable apprenticeship models.

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Learning from Women of Color to Get Childcare Right

The childcare system is broken. Home-based providers have empty seats, while working parents cannot find the care they need. We can have the durable and dynamic childcare system our society demands by focusing on innovations that support parents with shift jobs and connect them to the incumbent care force. Kelly Escobar from Robin Hood Foundation will be moderating a panel featuring Jaime-Jin Lewis, Wiggle Room CEO and #Care100 Most Influential People, Ruth Horry, the engagement and access manager for United for Brownsville, and Kaereathea Boyd, owner and operator of Kaye’s Cubs LLC.

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Nurturing Computational Thinkers for an AI-Powered Future

Join us for an interactive session delving into the transformative potential of generative AI in education and the critical role computational thinking plays in this new learning context. Through a collaborative learning experience led by educators, participants will explore computational thinking skills that cultivate agile, adaptive, and conceptually complex thinkers, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape. We will engage in thoughtful discussions with organizational leaders from across the education ecosystem on the implications for the future of school.

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What It Takes to Scale High Impact Tutoring

Everyone is talking about high-impact tutoring! But how do you do it well? How do you do it at scale? With multiple partners, providers, schools, data sources, etc.? Come learn about a public-private partnership in NYC that is working to answer these questions and use tutoring to accelerate learning for over 50,000 students.

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SXSW — March 8-16, 2024

Maternal Mental Health Injustice & Socially Responsive Care

In pursuit of health equity, we must fight systemic injustices in maternal mental health. Mothers of color experience double the rate of postpartum depression but are far less likely to receive treatment, and programs often fail to meet cultural, social, and linguistic needs of mothers in poverty. We must meet mothers where they are. Hear from innovating maternal mental health leaders working closely with underserved communities and learn how to implement community-partnered program design, do inclusive research, and embrace community assets to close the equity gap in maternal mental health.

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Nonprofit & For-profit Models to Accelerate Impact Founders

Hear about two innovative models supporting innovation for social change. The panel will cover how foundations and for-profit entities can partner to accelerate innovation for good. Speakers include: Aaron Walker, General Partner of the Ruthless for Good Fund, a for-profit fund backing BIPOC founders for good; Sergio Marrero, Managing Director of Blue Ridge Labs, an incubator and accelerator of the Robin Hood Foundation supporting innovations tackling poverty; and Jaime-Jin Lewis, Founder of Wiggle Room, building a platform increasing access to child care.

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Social Impact Founders Meet-Up

Come network with the social entrepreneur founders of SXSW! In this speed-networking event, we are going to have several impact founders and investors including, but not limited to: Aaron Walker, Founding Partner, Ruthless for Good Fund; Phillip Sanders & Jessica Salinas, Partners, Power Capital & New Media Ventures; Sergio Marrero, Managing Director, Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood; among others. Investors will share more about their funds, startup founders will get to hear from each other, and get a chance to participate in ice breaker activities to build community.

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